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Harmonious, graceful and elegant, Ron Van Gennip's work brings together the very best of Impressionism.His recent works are sensitive, inspiring and timeless, presenting a natural gentle eloquence combined with rest and relaxation. These truly colourful and beautiful peices of work will delight any impressionist fan and will only increase in value as time passes.

Australian impressionist Ron Van Gennip, has for almost two decades painted rich canvases that reveal favourite subject he emphatically affirms, "children and their world. It's all about interpreting what lies just beneath the surface of their innocence.

Born in Australia from parents of an artistic background who moved from Holland to Sydney, Ron was encouraged to draw, sketch and pursue the wonders of his childhood amid the majestic visuals of the famous Blue Mountains in the South of New South Wales.

At the age of 18 Ron accepted a 3 - year working scholarship with the Sydney Technical college. For the next 12 years he worked with a prominent commercial art firm in Sydney. Concurrent with these rigorous demands he studied with the Drummoyne Art Society which was then guide by the most notable and heralded of Australian impressionists, Joshua smith.

Eventually, Ron gave up commercial endeavours to concentrate of fine art, in particular he sought to uncover the secrets that enabled Streeton and McCubbin to be known as the kings of the "Golden Era" of Australian Art. His observations helped him gain his present focal point. As the artist says, it's all about nostalgia and pale in time. What inspired them now inspires me." Observed one critic, it was only when Van Gennip became immerse in nature, in these early years of art, that the love affair with Sydney's glistening shoreline and inspiring light began. This was the start of his present success.

Today, Van Gennip's sensitive figural work continues to be deeply rooted in the romantic, impressionist tradition. However, the design values, and colours have moved toward a approach, a development upon the Golden Era artist. This is particularly evident in his garden scenes. Van Gennip's interest in flowers is not so much in the flowers themselves, but rather in their harmony and colourful pattens. His paintings are presented with gentle eloquence and poetic beauty.

They are expressions of grace, restfulness and harmony.

Ron has had numerous solo exhibitions in Australia, as well as selected group exhibition in Hong Kong (Wan Chai), Japan (Tokyo Austrade) and England (London, "House of dunhill.") Wylde's Australian Art Represents Ron over the past 20 years.


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