Joseph Frost

Settling in Sydney in 1974 and working as a Picture Framer & Art Restorer before concentrating on his painting in his spare time. Sydney Harbour provided the inspiration with "the constant movement of Ships, Ferries, People." he says. Joseph's works are stunningly detailed, with rich beautiful colour harmonies, By themselves they hold their own with the best, as a group of two or three they will send you to a very lovely place.

Joseph Frost was born in Czechoslovakia in 1953. From an early age he displayed a natural talent for drawing and was encouraged by his parents, particularly his father who was a highly skilled artisan in joinery and cabinet making, as well as an amateur artist.

Although Joseph experimented with different techniques whilst at school, mainly pencil, pastels and watercolours, he was not particularly interested in formal studies. Even today he still holds to this idea. "My basic philosophy is that an artist should possess an innate ability which requires a minimum of formal training," Joseph maintains.

In 1973 he left Czechoslovakia, spending a year in Italy while waiting to emigrate to Australia. Whilst there he spent time visiting various museums and art galleries in Venice, Milan and Rome. It was during this period that Joseph was inspired to experiment with oil painting. He realised that "a quality painting should have and everlasting sense of magic associated with it."

Because of lack of sufficient funds, he even used old bedsheets as canvases! A number of these paintings were bought by the Slovak Catholic Institute of Rome, and the Director at that time, Fr. Nahalka, encouraged Joseph to continue his art when he arrived in Australia.

Joseph settled in sydney from 1974 - 1980. the early few years were difficult. His major employment was working for an art Gallery at North Sydney, where he learned framing and restoration. Because of his limited language and social contacts, he started painting seriously in his spare time.

sydney Harbour provided the vehicle for Joseph to take up art as a full-time career. "The constant movement of ships, ferries, people," he says, "the magnificent foreshore, where every bay reveals something different - this is what puts life into a painting when it is captured.

He quickly established himself in the forefront of realist painters, concentrating on marine and harbour painting and etchings.

Wylde's Australian Art continues to exhibit Joseph Frost beautiful paintings today.


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