Colin Atkins

Genius! Amazing! Outrageous! Unpredictable!

These words have been used to describe the incredible range of talents possessed by leading West Australian artist COLIN ATKINS who, because of recent overseas exhibitions I now represented in South East Asia and the United States.

Colin Atkins was born in Western Australia, in 1946.

Already well established locally and throughout Australia, the Clientele of Colin Atkins includes some of this countries  major corporate and industrial organizations who have identified the value, both in aesthetic and investment terms, of his works.

Throughout a flexible commissioning policy, according to individual requirements, it is possible to arrange collections of historical, topical or creative works within reasonable pricing structures.

Growing international recognition will mean that, for investment purposes, works by colin Atkins will be highly prized collectors items.

Wylde’s Art has been representing Colin Atkins for 25 years


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