Nick Economo

With flair, and with passsion, Nick Economo's work demonstrates awesome artistic talent. Originally concerntrating on Sculpture, his impressionistic style has moved foward focusing on Painting. His work displays a natural warmth combined with wide colour variety, bound to awaken all of the senses. If your passionate about art, Nick's pieces are rare treasures. A definate must have for the true art lover.

Nick Economo began demonstrating his artistic talents from early childhood, with his birthplace the Island of Rhodes, Greece providing an environment to nurture his natural instincts before moving to Perth at the age of eight. He commenced his career after attending a exhibition by Rodan where his passion for art was further stimulated to the extend that initiated his enrolment at the Fine Arts School of Perth’s College of Further Education in 1971.

Nick’s inspiration in his chosen profession continues to flourish today and is evident in his work which is much sought after particularly by those who derive a sense of vitality from the lavish use of material and imagination that expresses a sense of joy and freedom. His paintings boast an extravagance of colours delivering richness and warm, embracing an impressionistic style.

In the early days of his career Nick’s talents were concentrated on creating sculptures but he is today more focused on painting, he has exhibited widely in solo and numerous mixed exhibitions achieving considerable recognition and awards.

Previously Nick ran his own private gallery at Observation City and today continues to exhibit at Wylde’s Art Exhibitions for over 20 years.

His artwork can be found in private collections throughout Australia and overseas in UK, Japan, Holland, USA, Singapore, Greece, Hong Kong and New Zealand.


Enquiries: 0417 033 245
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